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Daniel Vogler is a 24 year old artist, speaker and entrepreneur from Stuttgart, Germany. He moved to Redding in 2009 where he graduated from 3 years of Bethel Church’s School of Ministry and fulfilled his teenage dream of living in California. His passion for arts grew very early out of a deep fascination of beautiful landscapes, shapes and forms. From childhood on he started to challenge himself in trying to capture this beauty and transferring it to any medium he could find (not always to the pleasing of his parents). Little successes like local art prizes, supportive mentors and the potential to communicate the gospel message through his creativity helped boost his confidence and commitment to his art. It wasn’t until he joined Bethel’s School of Ministry in 2009 that he began to understand the power prophetic artwork could carry and release.

“To be honest, I actually didn’t see any point in my artistic talent for most of my life. I am very purpose driven, intentional person and used to think my time was invested more wisely if I loved on some people in the streets and prayed for the sick rather than spending a couple of hours on a painting. So that’s what I did most of my teenage years. I focused on street evangelism, preaching and activating believers in the supernatural. I also played in worship bands and mad e music on the streets, but I still didn’t have any value for visual arts whatsoever. In my first year at School of Ministry I was asked to do a prophetic painting on a missions trip. I got a vision from the Lord, painted it and felt that it was a gift for the local youth pastor. After I finished the painting live on stage I was amazed by the response of the congregation. People came up to me even the day after and told me they had had dreams about my painting and God’s been speaking to them through it. I couldn’t believe it. The real surprise however hit me a couple of weeks later when I got an email from the youth pastor in which he told me how seriously encouraged he was feeling every time he took a look at that painting. After a few more encounters like this one, I began to realize that there’s a power in visual arts to communicate a message better than I could do using only words. It’s always been about the message for me. So when I realized that, I was sold. I began the journey of trying to find the right medium that would help me express myself the best.”

After spending many years in traditional line drawing and portrait art, he finally discovered his new passion in 2011: Digital Painting. This new technique, in which artists use digital pens and canvases to paint on computer screens, has been rapidly evolving worldwide over the last 8 years enabling a never before seen inter-play of lighting and texture effects.

“I’d place the style of the majority of my artwork somewhere between impressionism and realism. Although I like to use abstract shapes to express emotion and character, I could never give up on the challenge of understanding and realistically translating existing forms and shapes. I believe great artists will always seek to improve their understanding of anatomy, surfaces and lighting. That’s why a blend of these two styles, is the language I like to speak.” – Daniel Vogler, 2012

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